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Future Cities and Distributed Governance

Our cities and societies are changing fast. How is our future impacted by decentralized law, blockchain, food supply, and other technologies? The Institute for Competitive Governance hosted a two evening event about future cities and societies at Node SF membership space. Speakers included:

Christine Peterson - Cofounder and Senior Fellow at Foresight Institute. Among many achievements she is credited with coining term ‘open source software’.

David Friedman - an American economistphysicist, legal scholar, and libertarian theorist

Tom W Bell - professor, author, and public speaker, Bell has published widely on special jurisdictions, copyrights, Internet law, prediction markets, and the Third Amendment.

Zoltan Istvan - American transhumanist, journalist, entrepreneur, and Libertarian futurist

Patri Friedman - American libertarian activist and theorist of political economy

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